Diminishing Wildflowers Lead to Lower Bee Population


The number of wildflowers in England has decreased significantly over the past several years, which has hurt the bee population.

According to the Telegraph, the UK has lost more than seven million acres of wildflowers and similar habitats since the second World War because of the building of homes and buildings, and the amount of bees has diminished to half of what it was 25 years ago.

Due to the loss of wildflowers, the insects, including moths and butterflies, are not able to move greater distances, which has made them weaker species, according to the news source.

According to the website Hub Pages, only approximately 10 percent of flowers can self-pollinate, leaving the other 90 percent dependant on bees, butterflies and moths. In addition, approximately one-third of all food crops also rely on the involvement of these insects.

In Yorkshire, residents have come up with a solution which entails farmers planting several rows of flowers. This initiative, which is named bee roads, is expected to spread out onto 12 acres of land, according to the Telegraph.

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Source: Teleflora – Diminishing Wildflowers Lead to Lower Bee Population