Bord Bia Horticulture Board Members – Who Do You Need to Talk To?

Below are the current members of the board for horticulture. These are the people you need to lobby along with the politicians to make sure that your sector interests are being taken care of. No vacancies yet that might be open to public application. Mike Neary the head of horticulture….

supplied us with the info and despite a heavy workload with Bloom gets this and other useful industry information out to us on a regular basis before it goes through the sometimes long drawn out press release funnel. Thanks Mike.


Dr Paul Cusack former Principal, College of Amenity Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens and Kieran Dunne of L&K Dunne Nurseries are on the overall main board.

bord bia


Mr Kieran Dunne  
L & K Dunne Nurseries

Mr Paddy Callaghan Nature’s Best Ltd.

Ms Rachel Doyle Arboretum Garden Centre

Mr John Hogan Dublin/Meath Growers

Mr Martin Jones Islandview Nurseries

Ms Caroline Keeling Keeling Fruit Growers

Mr Gary McCarthy Chairman, Fruit Growers Association

Ms Jane McCorkell Landscape Architect & Horticultural Consultant

Mr Philip Moreau Glenbrook Nurseries

Mr Ciaran O’Brien  Peter O’Brien  Landscapes

Mr Eoin Reid Fernhill Garden Centre

Ms Lavinia Walsh  Munster Mushrooms Ltd.

Mr Maurice Whelton  Potato Grower

Changes during 2010
Terms Expired 10th
Mr Paddy Callaghan (re-appointed 11th October)
Mr Martin Jones (re-appointed 11th October)
Mr Ciaran O’Brien (re-appointed 11th October)

Term Expired 25th November
Mr Kieran Dunne(Chairman), L & K Dunne Nurseries(re-appointed 29th November).