The Herman Dool Tour Announced for Mount Congreve Gardens to be guided by his son, Elmer Dool

In honour of his late father, Herman Dool, and ahead of Father’s Day, Elmer Dool, a well-known and respected horticulturist, will lead a brand new ‘Herman Dool Guided Tour’ of  Mount Congreve Gardens.

In the early 1960s, Herman Dool took up the position of Garden Director in Mount Congreve Gardens, helping Ambrose Congreve to design and plant the gardens over the following forty years. The gardens have been hailed by the Horticultural Society of Massachusetts as “One of the Great Gardens of the World”.

Photo by Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography (c) 2023 –

Commenting on the launch of the new tour experience Elmer says, “Mr. Congreve and my father would be very happy that so many people enjoy the gardens, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to walk in my father’s footsteps.”

According to Mr Congreve and Mr Dool mass planting makes a dramatic visual statement as a garden matures. As a result, Mount Congreve Gardens are generally designed with no fewer than 25 plants of each variety in a group. This has truly been the secret to the spectacular, colourful vistas in Mount Congreve Gardens that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Taking part in this guided walk is a wonderful way to experience the gardens and learn about its history and the creation of the gardens.

In recognition of his achievements to horticulture, Mr Herman Dool was honoured with the Orange Order of Nassau by the Queen of The Netherlands, which is the equivalent of a British Knighthood. He died in 2004 and is still fondly remembered by some of the long-serving members of staff for his wise counsel.

Elmer is delighted to take guests to Mount Congreve Gardens on this tour and have the opportunity to walk in his father’s footsteps. Mount Congreve is home to one of the largest collections of plants in the world. The Gardens are open to the public year-round. For further details and to plan your visit and pre-book a 2-hour Herman Dool Guided Tour experience see