Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden – Bord Bia Bloom

LEONIE CORNELIUS - Balcony Show Garden

From the Irish for “golden”, Óir is a balcony garden that is inspired by the power of the wild and the precious liquid gold which is produced by bees in our gardens and which also features in Zarbee’s products.

The design promotes connection in an often disconnected world, offering space for connection with ourselves, with each other, and with nature in an urban context. It explores ideas on wellbeing, how planting can attract both glimmers of light and life to the smallest spaces, and how the tiniest things can bring the greatest joy.

The planting scheme draws on inspiration from the textures and tones of Mediterranean-style scented herbs and medicinals as well as native plants and includes the surprise pop of dandelion. It nurtures pollinating insects, offering a wide variety of pollinating flowers as well as a source of tree sap for bees from the mature pine specimen.
About the Designer

Designer Information
Leonie Cornelius is an award-winning garden designer, interior architect, and author based on the west coast of Ireland. Her design practice, wild ėden, creates wild inspired, custom designs for private clients and select brands, and has received various medals in Ireland and the UK.

Leonie’s philosophy as a designer is rooted in creating spaces of joy and connection which bring the wild and humans together for a sustainable and hopeful approach to our collective future.

Leonie has won numerous medals and awards at Bord Bia Bloom since she entered her first garden in 2012. This is her fifth show garden.

Contact Details
Name: Leonie Cornelius
Email: rebecca@burrel.ie
Website: Visit website