Nourishing Dairy – From the Ground Up – Bord Bia Bloom

TÜNDE PERRY – Large Concept Show Garden

This impactful concept garden is designed to forge a deeper connection between consumers and sustainable dairy production while also promoting the essential nutritional credentials and great taste of locally produced Irish dairy.

The heart of this garden is the farm, showcasing Ireland’s unique landscape and 6,000-year history of farming and dairy production. It includes a grass meadow, multi-species sward (grass mixture) and Irish native trees, shrubs, and hedgerows.

Tünde Perry

A grassy mound has been cut through to demonstrate the many different layers of nutrient-rich soil in an Irish dairy pasture, while elsewhere in the garden an abstract sculpture provides an optical illusion, forming the shape of a cow when viewed from certain standpoints. The farmhouse features an open kitchen where some of Ireland’s top chefs, influencers, scientists, farmers, and historians will hold demonstrations and talks over the course of the festival.
About the Designer

Designer Information
Tünde Perry has always been passionate about nature. On arriving in Ireland, she changed careers and started maintaining gardens. To spark her creativity, she also studied landscape architecture.

In addition to her design projects, Tünde continues to work outdoors where she finds inspiration in her love of nature. Her goals are to create places where people can slow down, let time go, and plant plants that increase biodiversity. She strives to constantly strengthen and share her knowledge of how people can live in harmony with nature, not against it. This is her 10th show garden at Bord Bia Bloom.

Contact Details
Name: Tünde Perry
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