ILI Webinar | Nature conservation and the biodiversity crisis with Dr Melinda Lyons

Date: 28Mar 2024 at 1-2pm

Talk Synopsis
In view of the widely recognised biodiversity crisis, what are the key priorities for nature conservation?  In this talk, we will look at what the crisis entails and what steps are appropriate and necessary to halt biodiversity loss.

Dr Melinda Lyons is a botanist specialising in nature conservation, with interests in biogeography, plant communities and habitat management.  Based in Environment and Planning at TU Dublin, she chairs the BSc in Environmental Management programme.  Her recent research projects include a study of bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) on the Cooley Peninsula, Co. Louth and an investigation of the flora and vegetation of North Bull Island, Dublin Bay.  She is a board member of the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club and chairs the club’s Conservation Sub-committee which has recently produced a new position paper, entitled ‘Protecting the Threatened Flora of Old Walls’.