Green Initiatives at Bord Bia Bloom

Are you looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy Bloom? Bord Bia will implement a number of green initiatives at this year’s festival. 

The Phoenix Park, home of Bord Bia Bloom 
The Phoenix Park, home of Bord Bia Bloom 

At Bord Bia Bloom, we are aiming to be the most sustainably operated large scale event in Ireland. We are committed to improving the sustainability of the festival each year. We do this by reducing our impact on the environment, empowering visitors to make more sustainable choices when visiting the festival, and providing advice on how to live more sustainably at home.

While our work in this area is ongoing we are proud to say that: 

  • We are partnering with FoodCloud to run a food rescue programme at Bord Bia Bloom. The aim of this programme is to highlight the environmental and social impacts of food waste and to redistribute some of the surplus food at the event. FoodCloud is also demonstrating the delicious potential of surplus food to Bloom visitors via the FoodCloud Kitchen, which uses excess surplus ingredients to prepare a fantastic food experience for the public 
  • Our food vendors and outdoor caterers are obliged to use compostable packaging and serving/sampling materials at the festival. They are encouraged to purchase compostable products approved by the Cré (Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland) accreditation scheme 
  • We have considerably lowered our energy consumption, using low-energy lighting solutions and using efficient generators 
  • We have switched to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a low-carbon biofuel made from renewable and sustainable raw materials which significantly reduces our carbon footprint 
  • We are reducing our water consumption 
  • Signage and displays are reused where possible 
  • We use sustainably sourced paper and materials 
  • Design and construction teams working on the show gardens are encouraged to follow sustainable building practices and must strictly adhere to conservation guidelines 
  • Show garden sponsors and designers are encouraged to relocate their show gardens or reuse elements of their designs after Bloom 
  • Where the gardens cannot be rehomed in their entirety, many elements are returned, reused or sold, ensuring that stock is repurposed when the festival closes. 

Visitors can help us improve the sustainability of Bloom by: 

  • Pre-booking tickets online and downloading them to their smartphones if they have one. This reduces the need for paper tickets 
  • Travelling to Bord Bia Bloom by public transport where possible and availing of our free shuttle bus service from Parkgate Street to the festival 
  • Engaging with our Green Team of volunteers to segregate waste appropriately in our food, recycling and general waste bins, which are supported by 
  • Bringing reusable drinks’ containers to Bloom. This helps to cut down on the number of plastic bottles and compostable coffee cups that are disposed of at the festival each year. There are six water refill stations on-site at Bloom.  
  • Alternatively, visitors can borrow a reusable cup from the 2GoCup stations at either entrance. Simply pay a €2 deposit and take your cup to enjoy throughout the day, making sure to rinse between uses at one of the Hydration Stations. At the end of your visit you can return your cup at either exit to get your €2 deposit back or you can take it home to use again and again

The Sustainable Living Stage at Bord Bia Bloom

Bord Bia Bloom’s features include sustainable content which informs how we can all reduce our impact on the environment. These include: 

  • The Show Gardens and the Postcard Gardens, supported by Tirlán CountryLife, which showcase how to improve biodiversity and support the environment 
  • The Conservation Area where visitors can meet and learn from leading conservationists and environmentalists 
  • The Sustainable Living Stage, sponsored by Certa Ireland, where experts will share actionable steps to reduce our impact on the environment 
  • The Food Village, Bloom Inn, and Fresh Food Produce Tent where some of Ireland’s most sustainable food and drink producers are gathered 
  • The Bord Bia Quality Kitchen Stage where top Irish chefs share a wealth of ideas on how to cook sustainably at home and avoid food waste. 

Thinking of taking a trip to Bord Bia Bloom? Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance.