EPA publishes guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

The Guidelines are primarily intended to be an authoritative reference to those preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIARs) for projects covered by the EIA Directive.

Clear, concise, unambiguous information is essential throughout these reports. The Guidelines contain the systematic approach, standard descriptive methods and effect descriptions that can be used by developers. This ensures that all the likely significant effects are adequately considered and clearly communicated.

Commenting on the publication of the Guidelines, Ms. Sharon Finegan, Director, EPA’s Office of Environmental Sustainability said:

“With increased emphasis on the need for meaningful public participation in decisions relating to environmental issues, it is more important than ever to ensure that information is available to the public in a format that is clear, concise and accessible. The Guidelines should improve the quality of EIARs, make the overall process clearer and easier to understand and should make it easier for the public to participate.”

The Guidelines are a statutory document that should be regarded by those preparing EIARs and the decision makers considering the EIARs.

The Guidelines will assist competent authorities when considering EIARs during the decision-making processes prior to granting/refusing consent. The EPA’s updated Guidelines will result in better environmental protection by ensuring that the EIA process is more clear, accessible, and identifies effects early and accurately.

The Guidelines are available on the EPA’s website.