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NICOLA HAINES – Large Show Garden

This large show garden is directly linked to new design guidance for building developers which demonstrates how biodiversity can be incorporated into housing developments.

The design focuses on managing rainwater through using sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), while also catering for tree and shrub planting, wildflower meadows, nesting facilities in building facades, green roofs, dead wood, and natural play.

The garden incorporates elements of a housing estate and follows the passage of rainwater as it is captured and utilised to benefit both wildlife and residents. The rainwater’s passage through the garden is visible in stages cut through the ground. Viewing windows below ground level demonstrates in cross-section how the drainage feature works to slow down surface water runoff and help the soil absorb water.

Nicola Haines

The diverse planting scheme includes a range of woodland plants and trees, demonstrating the many benefits of planting new woodlands in housing estates.
About the Designer

Designer Information
Nicola Haines studied architecture at the Bartlett School in London before completing horticultural training with the RHS. She worked in a number of architectural offices before setting up Tierney Haines Architects with her husband, Stephen.

Nicola works on all scale of public, commercial and private projects, as well as community-based and educational gardens. An enthusiastic member of the Garden Landscape Design Association, she is passionate about connecting people to nature through design.

Nicola has won numerous awards at Bord Bia Bloom, including a gold medal and Best in Category award for her Citroën Power of One garden last year.

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Name: Nicola Haines
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