Are we preparing for a peat-free future?

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) will be debating sustainable growing media solutions and industry readiness in a panel session on Thursday, 15 June, at GreenTech RAI Amsterdam.

The industry is united in wanting to create a more sustainable sector to meet the needs of future generations. Growing media is an integral component of container-grown plant production and has come under increasing scrutiny relating to its environmental impact.

Since the 1990’s growers in the UK have been faced with pressure from campaigners and the Government to reduce the use of peat. Recently the UK government has decided to bring forward its ban on the commercial use of peat in plant production from 2030 to 2026. This move will force the sector to move to peat-free production much more quickly than expected.

There are many factors that will make this transition difficult, including the availability, quality and cost of alternatives and the research required to produce quality plants in alternatives. Other European countries are also being challenged in this area and are active in seeking sustainable growing media solutions.

This panel will consider the issues around this subject, growing media options for the future and how this will affect the future of production.

Panel Participants:
Tim Briercliffe – Secretary General, AIPH (panel chair)
Cecilia Luetgebrune – Secretary General, Growing Media Europe
Charl Goossens – Gova BV, the Netherlands
Leonardo Capitanio – Vivai Capitanio, Italy and President of AIPH
Moritz Böcking, CEO, Klasmann-Deilmann, Germany

AIPH Secretary General and Panel Chair Tim Briercliffe commented, “With a peat ban coming in the UK and significant environmental pressures on growing media in many countries, this is a topic high on the list of concerns for many container plant growers. This panel session will provide a moment for the international industry to discuss the issues and how to prepare for the future.”

AIPH invites all those in the ornamental horticulture supply chain to discuss the path towards sustainable growing media at its panel session on the Vision Stage at GreenTech Amsterdam, on Thursday, 15 June, between 11:15 to 12:00.

GreenTech Amsterdam is an AIPH-approved International Horticultural Trade Exhibition. The theme of this year is ‘Your connection to sustainable food- and flower production’. This theme includes topics such as how to reduce energy usage, public health, food security and the birth of a fresh food ecosystem. Horticulture professionals can enhance their knowledge at the Vision, Technology and Plant Compounds/ Vertical Farming stage of GreenTech Amsterdam from 13 – 15 June at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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