Spring Seminar & Gala Quality Awards Ceremony!


This seminar is relevant to everyone in the amenity industry, is targeted at all sectors, and will challenge and excite all who attend while the Amenity Horticulture Quality Awards presentation Gala dinner is a celebration of the industry and its achievements while a perfect opportunity for business networking.

The Bord Bia Amenity Quality Awards presentation is a acknowledgement and celebration of horticulture industry’s dedication to quality and best practice, and presents a perfect opportunity to network and catch up with friends and colleagues across all the sectors. The event is open to all horticultural businesses to attend. A suite of special awards will also be presented and there are sure to be some surprises and excitement on the night when the winners are revealed.

The world is changing and as an industry now is the time to prepare to meet the challenges and implement strategies to ensure your business can remain sustainable in the coming years. Be aware and be prepared. During the seminar, Your Market – Your Future – Are you Ready, national and international speakers will present and discuss topical issues, ideas, insights and tools to stimulate discussion, challenge and motivate. Full details on all our speakers are contained in the attached document including Helen King, Head of Insight and Innovation, Bord Bia, and Lisa White – Creative Director WGSN – HBL the world’s number 1 online trend forecasting, analysis and research tool providing creative and business intelligence to the apparel, style, garden and retail industries. Please see attachment for further line-up and details.

The ideas presented may not always sit comfortably but are part of the change process every business is facing as we move into a new decade and a new economic reality.


Helen King, Head of Insight and Innovation, Bord Bia

Feeling the Pinch – The Consumer Outlook, January 2012: Hot off the press, this presentation on the latest findings of Bord Bia’s Feeling the Pinch study explores how consumers are feeling and behaving in the current economic climate, what the outlook for 2012 will be and what companies can do to grow their business.

Lisa White – Creative Director WGSN – HBL


Garden Lifestyle Trends 2013 and Beyond WGSN-homebuildlife doesn’t just look out of the window and tell you its raining; it predicts the cultural climate weeks, months, even years in advance – so you can plan for the future. Lisa White will help you keep one step ahead of the posse in this insightful presentation of what gardening consumers will be looking for in 2013 and beyond.

WGSN is the world’s number 1 online trend forecasting, analysis and research tool providing creative and business intelligence to the apparel, style and retail industries, and WGSN-homebuildlife brings you up-to-the-minute tracking and analysis of the latest developments in garden culture. From the most globally-renowned trade event to the latest influential arrival, via urban gardening and every micro trend, their intrepid team of researchers and analysts monitor every aspect of garden design to deliver thorough, accurate forecasts for each upcoming season. The entire spectrum of design for the outdoors, from poolside to garden, domestic to contract, furniture to accessories, is documented and analysed daily by the WGSN-homebuildlife team. All the trends in areas such as textures, material, colour and finish are delivered in clear, concise reports.

Tijn Bresser, Partner, The Category and Trade Company


Category Management – A New Way of Growing your Business: Tijn Bresser is a result oriented strategist with pragmatic approach with more than 15 years of experience in commercial positions in Marketing and Sales, Retail and Foodservice. He brings his expertise to the Garden Industry specifically focussing on Brands and Private Label, in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tijn will present on how retailers and suppliers can cooperate to speak the same language to assist in developing effective category management and by centering focus on the shopper grow category sales.

Jim Teague – Plant Retail Consultant UK


Build Relationships to Build SalesTo sell more plants, in the end, it all comes back to one thing….Relationships, and I’m not just talking about getting on with people; staff, customers and others with whom you come into contact, but much more than that.  And teamwork is not just limited to those within your organisation it is a pivotal part of your supply chain, and never more so than when dealing with perishables.  If your approach to buying is that it’s all about the price then I suspect you are not making the most of your suppliers and they in turn could do so much more for you.The best retailers are focusing on getting their relationships right, over and above everything else. Understand your relationships, develop them, improve them, get them right and your sales will follow.Jim Teague brings a unique perspective to his role, with well over 30 years experience in the plant industry, there are few aspects of horticulture that Jim has not been involved with.Originally a grower, managing and developing one of the UK’s key Hardy Ornamental nurseries, Jim has vast experience in production horticulture. Since moving into garden centres, Jim has spent the last 12 years working with some of the country’s best retail plant areas, winning the UK’s most prestigious award for the best plant area, the Ruxley Rose, on four occasions

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