When FH Wetland Systems (FHWS) was set up in 1996, the aim was to clean up Cork Harbour. Still, to achieve that goal,  the company has worked on cleaning up watercourses around the country, as and when the opportunity arises.

Not enough to simply clean up water,  FHWS’ aim is to have low to zero energy inputs, sequester carbon, provide wildlife habitat, and sometimes firewood, fertiliser, or compost as a by-product. These multiple outputs from a potentially resource-intensive waste management process is permaculture in action.

As part of the same aim Féidhlim Harty,  founder of FHWS, has written for Permanent  Publications in the UK; producers of  Permaculture Magazine, and a range of practical eco-friendly books.

Septic Tank Options and Alternatives Tank Options and Alternatives and Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds both examines practical solutions for wastewater treatment. Towards Zero Waste looks at household waste and how and why to reduce it. All part of the same goal towards a cleaner world. wetlandsystems.ie.