Promoting trade in ornamental plant products is Plantarium’s most important mission. This is more important now than ever, as many companies are in dire straits due to the developments surrounding COVID-19. The virus is taking its toll in both the personal and business spheres. One thing is certain: there will be a period of recovery once the crisis is over. Plantarium is now focusing mainly on accelerating recovery.

The trade fair is scheduled for 26, 27 and 28 August, and that currently still seems feasible. Moreover, it could be a good time to give the weakened trade the boost it will desperately need.

There is a chance that conditions will change and that the trade fair will require a different approach than originally planned. The fair is not an end in itself, but a rapid recovery of the floriculture sector certainly is. To achieve this, Plantarium is working on different scenarios to be able to respond where necessary and always be optimally prepared.

The developments regarding the coronavirus and its effect on the market will be followed closely and plans will be adjusted if necessary. At the end of April, the situation and policy to be pursued will be reassessed.