COVID 19: Guidelines and Recommendations for Safeguarding staff on Horticulture facilities

Teagasc Horticulture Development Department have developed some focused factsheets and resources for the broad horticulture sectors in response to COVID-19.

On Friday 3rd we have published a factsheet: COVID 19: Guidelines and Recommendations for Safeguarding staff on Horticulture facilities

There is a lot of information in here for growers to update their training, policies and manage physical distancing at an operational level. It also provides an opportunity to mitigate the potential negative impacts of incidence and spread of COVID 19 among staff.

Critical Action Points

All resources can now be found in one place:

I have copied news items, from the same, below.

DAFM have new support service and issued guidance FAQs for the Agriculture sector

There is a new FAQ page on the DAFM website and also a new telephone helpline to assist farmers with their queries in relation to current COVID-19 restrictions. This has been in place since the 1st of  April and the dedicated phone number is 076 1064468.
The phone lines will be open from 9.30am to 12.30m and from 2pm to 5pm.  A range of online facilities are also available

Important clarification
Question 20 in the FAQ is a useful clarification for Horticulture producers and growers;

“Is Horticulture included as an essential business?  Yes. Horticultural production, including nurseries, are deemed to be included within the Agriculture Essential Business List. Activities may include cultivation and supply of fruit and vegetables and the ongoing seasonal planting, harvest and maintenance of horticulture plants.”

LEO Trading Online Scheme

Online plant sales are growing fast at the moment due to garden centre retail closures.  Another scheme that may be worth looking at under LEO is the Trading Online Scheme given the surge in interest in this area and Horticulture businesses can apply. Some growers might take the opportunity to set up online trading. There is a €2500 grant towards areas like web site, advertising and marketing.  Full details of the Trading Online Scheme is available here.

Business Continuity Voucher

Provided by this voucher is open to horticultural businesses.  Businesses can be assigned a mentor in one or a number of areas where they may benefit from expertise – financial, IT, HR etc. i.e. voucher can be split depending on needs. For more information and application see here.