Design by Nature has successfully conveyed to sectors of the infrastructure industry and some of the main contractors they work with that all sites where seed sowing is carried out can be deregulated from construction to horticulture zones.

That means a zone where no construction workers or machinery are allowed for the duration of sowing and plant establishment.

A horticulture zone means no hard hats, no steel toe-capped boots, gloves or long sleeves for seed sowers and planters.

Sandro Cafolla, owner of Design by Nature says, “We argued if we need hard hats, then we need full body armour because flying objects are just as likely to hit the body as objects falling on the head.

“Instead, we need to isolate our sowers and planters; exchange the hard hat with a cap, the work boot for tough soled double-stitched waterproof and breathable walking boots. With those changes to our workwear, we find the strain caused by hard hats as we stooped to sow or plant has disappeared. The sweat from our boots went too, and we work and walk faster.”