Mairéad Mc Keown, Manager, Knowledge & Critical Capability Development

This FoodAlert will introduce Bord Bia’s new Insight Library, offering Insights to Power your Growth in just a few clicks! Creating a better research experience, the Insights Library will spark the discovery of content that can help nurture a thriving future for Irish Food, Drink and Horticulture.

At Bord Bia, we believe insight is a source of fundamental competitive advantage to drive business growth in the short-term, and lead to the identification of future sources of growth in the long-term. Our world class collection of proprietary insight studies can lead you to an accurate and deep understanding of Markets, Consumers and Trends and Foresight from around the world.

To date in 2021, we have already published a number of studies:

Good news is, there are many more studies scheduled for publication for the remainder of the year!

So how can I find Insight to Power My growth on Bord Bia’s Insights Library?

Simply click here to start discovering what’s on offer. Once on the homepage there are different ways to search or browse, depending on your specific needs. You could try one of the four options below:


1. To understand the full collection of market insight, consumer insight and trends/foresight:

Simply view the first results page and then move into the subsequent results pages. This will help you to understand all insight types, in all markets, on all dates in all media formats.

Insight to power img2.PNG

2. To search for something more specific:


Keyword searching  type one or two keywords into the “I’m looking for…” search box and hit search e.g. Keywords: Covid Insight. This will help return more specific search results if there’s a content match. If your search results don’t meet your expectations, please contact for support.

Insight to power img3.png

3. Filter searching –

To narrow your search results by insight type, market, date or media format, use the drop down menu to select the relevant filter.

Insight to power img4.png

4. Combine keywords and filters –

You also have the option to combine keywords and filters when searching for something specific. E.g. Keywords: Covid Insight combined with Filter: US

Insight to power img5.png

Top tip: when using keywords and/or filters make sure to clear the filters after every search.

The Insights Library has been designed to spark discoverability of, and engagement with, Bord Bia’s world-class insight to help Nurture a Thriving Future for Irish producers. It will continue to be pumped with great insights throughout the year and into the future. To start gaining an accurate and deep understanding of Markets, Consumers and Trends and Foresight from around the world, make time to visit Bord Bia’s Insights Library today.