Plantarium 2019, image of flowers

Plantarium introduces Greenspiration as the new theme for the next edition of the trade fair. This marks the start of a new path, which is designed to emphasise the original core values of the trade fair – the ultimate platform for growers – and to attract more visitors and participants.

During IPM in Essen, Plantarium talked extensively to visitors, who shared their most important areas of interest and their reasons for visiting the trade fair. These conversations reaffirmed the choice for the new theme. Few responses were the same or fell into the same category, but all of them shared one common denominator: inspiration.

In particular, lengthy discussions were also held with Dutch participants who had stands at IPM. Everyone agreed that Plantarium is an important trade fair that plays a key role for growers and that deserves a strong platform of its own, and certainly with an international perspective.

At Plantarium, Greenspiration was reflected in the myriad of novelties and diverse products exhibited by the growers and breeders who attended. In its new set-up, Plantarium will focus on expanding the growers’ field, which will be given a central location as the original core value of the trade fair. This set-up will feature the novelties, innovations and field inspections more prominently. This is essentially the green gold of the trade fair, which has great appeal for the broader public, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Greenspiration theme plaza, which offers visitors a wide range of presentations, discussions and workshops, is new this year. The topics vary greatly but all of them lie at the very heart of the tree growing sector. This includes the growing number of initiatives that aim to plant an enormous amount of trees in cities, often with ambitious budgets and schedules. How can we deal with this in a professional manner and how can we prepare ourselves? A little closer to home, we also see that some novelties that win prizes ultimately turn out to be unsuccessful. Why is this? What can we actively do about this? These are some practical examples that illustrate how Plantarium will use inspiration to attract more new visitors and establish connections between parties and solutions at the trade fair. The programme can be enriched by the international trade press, which already offered some great suggestions at IPM, and by participants that are provided with a new podium for the latest methods, products, insights and experiences.