Plantarium overzicht

In an effort to continue this excellent collaboration, Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt are bringing together all of the growers on the exhibition floor, thus enhancing the visitors’ overall picture of all the diversity and quality that is available. Because of the layout of the location, with its central entrance and entrance hall, it will need to be divided into two sections, so that the Plantarium section can be visited for 3 days and the GROEN-Direkt section for 2 days.

At the heart of both of the trade fairs in Boskoop is first and foremost the grower’s field, which ensures the unique position of Europe’s green breeding ground on an international scale. The visitor experiences the quality and, most importantly, the diversity available with an extensive overview of the abundance of products on offer. This is the reason that Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt are joining forces with a united presentation of growers, at the centre of both trade fairs.

Ideally, the grower’s square would not have any dividing walls or barriers between the two trade fairs, but the current trade fair venue and divided visitor areas do not allow for this. In that sense, although we have not achieved one grower’s square, we have sought to optimise the exhibition layout within the given framework.

Growers can, therefore, choose to participate either for 2 days with an audience seeking orders at GROEN-Direkt, or for 3 days with an audience seeking inspiration at Plantarium. The green gold of growers, the innovations and the novelties all remain open to the public at Plantarium every day.