Importance Of Plants – DAFM

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dafm.logoPlants are a primary source of income for nearly half of the global population and makeup 80% of the food we eat and create 98% of the oxygen we breathe. One of the potential consequences of this global emergency was the possibility of disrupted trade and compromised access to a safe and stable supply of food. Ensuring a safe supply of fresh food and protecting plants from pests is now more important than ever. This was DAFM’s main focus during the crisis and is one of DAFM’s primary objectives on a continuing basis. While COVID-19 is affecting human health worldwide, plant pests and diseases continue to pose a threat to sustainable food production and the horticulture industry as a whole. It is particularly important at this time to remember that a threat to plant health is a threat to the health and prosperity of people and Ireland’s biodiversity. Protecting plant health is vital for our country, our economy, our biodiversity and our wellbeing.
This is the noble goal for which 2020 was nominated as the International Year of Plant Health. The importance of plants is summarised by the IYPH slogan: “protecting plants, protecting life”. ✽