Hibiscus – additional information
I was recently speaking with Minier nursery in France about the results of the Eurotrials Hibiscus trial that Teagasc completed. They would like to make clear that  H. syriacus ‘Minspot‘(PINKY SPOT), is a FPB (Formidable Plant Breeders) plant. It was the first placed Hibiscus in the Irish trial and details of the plant can be seen here.
There have been four varieties launched by Minier since 2016, after the Irish trial began. They are worth investigation for performance in the Irish climate. It is planned that these varieties will be grown in Ashtown and compared to the best varieties from the completed Eurotrial.

  • Ultramarine ‘Minultra’ PBR: a real improvement of the first Ultramarine, deeper blue and best foliage.
  • Sup’blue ‘Minsyroi5’ PBR: improvement of Blue Bird, more upright and vigorous
  • Sub’bridge ‘Minsyrou17’ PBR: improvement of Woodbrige, more true red and vigorous.
  • Russian Violet ‘Minsyru’ PBR: improvement of the previous Russian Violet, more floriferous and vigorous.