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After the recent rainfall, now is the ideal time to put goodness back in soils and also provide plants with all the nutrient requirements needed for vibrant summer flowers and bumper harvests. Hygeia has a range of products that are ideally suited for the gardener at this time.

BioGold Vigor is an exciting new tomato and plant food, formulated with Hygeia’s nutrients and Alltech’s 100% natural fermented blend. This liquid feed is simple to use and provides higher root development, greater quantities of fruit and vegetables with more succulent fruit and tastier vegetables.

The Nature Safe range contains no animal by-products, providing organic and vegan-friendly solutions for gardens. The unique formulations are specifically designed to put goodness back into the earth, while also providing the ideal environment for healthy plants. Hygeia’s Nature Safe range provides plants with immediate feed requirements in forms easily absorbed by plants, while also helping to maintain healthy, disease-free plants.