colm warren polyhouses multispan greenhouse

Down on The Apple Farm (Cahir, Co. Tipperary), Colm Warren Polyhouses have been busy putting in a few weeks of hard work building a 28.8m x 49.5m long Multispan Greenhouse Structure. The MultiSpan Greenhouses frame is Galvanised CE marked steel, with a gothic style vaulted roof. The gutters and grip rails in the sides and roof are all a mill finished aluminum. The height of the supporting steel uprights to the gutters is 3.5m. The Greenhouse will be completed with automatic roof ventilation with accordion-style insect-proof netting in the roof vents. The roof vent is a continuous 49.5m opening, driven by 400V De Gier 3 phase motors. The sides of the Greenhouse have side ventilation with the insect netting secured into aluminum grip rails. There is an all-weather station control unit installed that has wind, rain and temperature controls throughout the Greenhouse.

CWP told HC, “We are nearing completion and after the 1000g polythene covers are on we will just have to finish closing in the sides and then install the doors before finishing off the undercover fitted Mypex ground cover.” More at