Irish Social, Community and Therapeutic Horticulture Symposium – 6th September at Technological University Dublin

The Irish Social, Community, and Therapeutic Horticulture Symposium is organised for Sept 6th at Technological University Dublin Blanchardstown. The theme for the event is ‘Therapeutic use of Horticulture: Research, Practice and the Future. The event is supported by TU Dublin.

Keynote speaker Dr. Joe Sempik, renowned Social and Therapeutic Horticulture researcher and author, talks to HC about the event, “This day-long symposium will focus on practice in STH and community settings in Ireland, highlighting evidence-based practice and practice evaluation (via Social Return on Investment). The event will demonstrate the array of practice ongoing in Ireland through practitioner presentations. Social and therapeutic horticulture is a niche yet growing area of horticulture practice in Ireland. Since 2015 I have written widely on the topics of STH and Community. On Feb 26 of this year a networking event for practitioners here in Blanchardstown, practitioners from all over Ireland attended and from this Social, Community and Therapeutic Horticulture Ireland ( was born. This practitioner network includes individuals practicing in this area, and organisations including GIY, Festene Lente with academic representatives in Horticulture from WIT, Teagasc KIildalton and TU Dublin. The organisation aims to enable connections and from practitioner networking, raising the profile of the work and ultimately in the future form a professional body.”

This will be their inaugural event. The conference fee is €45.00 inc lunch. Booking via Eventbrite. All welcome. Further details via and