Celebrating Qatar at the Floriade


On 2 September, the National Day of Qatar will take place at the Floriade. The Qatar pavilion demonstrates traditional shapes combined with modern techniques and materials. Qatar’s vision for the pavilion is also in line with the organisation of the Doha Expo 2023, which will highlight developments and innovations to transform the desert into the perfect place for green and sustainable cities.

The Desert Nest is a 12.1-metre and 56tonnes replica of a traditional Qatari pigeon tower which takes centre stage here.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognised it as ‘the world’s tallest freestanding 3D printed concrete tower’. At the end of the Floriade, the Desert Nest will be transported and become a permanent legacy fixture at Expo Doha Qatar 2023.

On Qatar’s National Day, the visitors will enjoy a folk dance performance, musical performance, traditional sweets and art, and a presentation of the Doha Expo 2023.

•  Expo 2023 Doha Qatar will provide a progress report at the AIPH Expo Conference on 27 September.