The three year EU co-financed ‘Mushrooms Complement Everything’ promotion campaign in the UK and Ireland comes to a close in January 2021. With an annual budget of €670,000, the campaign has focused on the benefits of combining meat with chopped up mushrooms to ‘Bring on the Blend’.

The highlight of this period will be burst six of the advertising campaign running from the end of September. This will be supported by ‘always on’ PR, Social Media, and influencer activity. The core of our Bring on the Blend campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits of mushrooms and increase buyers amongst 25-45 years households.

The aim is to promote the potential of mushrooms by inspiring audiences through healthy, versatile, and convenient recipes, using date hooks, popular recipes, and beautiful imagery. Ten new autumn/winter recipes have been developed based on food trends, search data, and calendar hooks to launch in PR, Social Media, advertising, and on the website.

Social media – the campaign has already had a reach of 5.7 million to date this year, and 800,000 video views on the platform.

To keep the continuing momentum of engagement and retention in the closing months of 2020 (Nov-Jan), the campaign will be running a partnership with MOB Kitchen to promote zero-waste mushroom-based recipes.

Waste-free cooking is a huge trend this year, with popularity increasing over lockdown. MOB Kitchen is a recipe hub for healthy, budget-friendly, and sustainable recipes.

The final burst of this three-year campaign will be live from 28th September – 15th November in digital media. The digital display campaign will run on websites targeting women aged 25-45, on mobile through Ogury. Video advertising will be live on YouTube and through Unruly.

The digital display creative heroes two mushroom blend dishes – a meatball pasta, and a breakfast muffin. ✽