Global Green City Forum

AIPH is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Global Green City Forum- a global centre of Green City excellence, a focal point for green city best practice, and a source of knowledge exchange and leading expertise. The AIPH Global Green City Forum promotes the essential role of plants in creating vibrant cities in which people and businesses can thrive. By signing up and creating a simple profile, you can see, share, and promote latest news and upcoming events, share and learn from inspiring case studies and best practice, share and benefit from a wealth of knowledge, connect with other members, and contribute to key global discussions with a wide range of change-makers. Demonstrating how cities and urban innovators are harnessing the transformative power of plants, the Forum is set to showcase innovation from around the world. By providing a space to bring together research, policy, and practice, the platform is a powerful tool to facilitate knowledge exchange which seeks to bridge the divide between cities and the horticulture industry: a critical link which has long been underplayed but cannot be underestimated.

Anyone with an interest in building greener cities is invited to join the online community. There is no cost, and you can leave at any time. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to join this exciting initiative where you can learn, share, and be part of inspiring a global movement for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cities. Check out and join the AIPH Global Green City Forum today!

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