Faulks & Cox Ltd, the company behind brand leaders Tubtrugs®, Wm.Faulks®, Tyre Rubber™, Gorilla Tub® and Gorilla Broom® have rebranded to Red Gorilla™. Suppliers of high-quality equipment including flexible tubs, brooms, shovels and tools, Red Gorilla™ will give you greater opportunities for sales.

Twenty years ago a new incredibly-useful product was carried around Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC.  A sample of the black flexible tub with a hand-cut label was dropped at the feet of Alan Titchmarsh as he had his TV make-up applied. The name on the label was Tubtrugs® and the rest, as they say, is history!

“Tubtrugs® have been phenomenally successful, selling into many areas of trade and ways of life” says Dean Cox, MD at Faulks & Cox Ltd., “But after 20 years of great service, we have decided to use a brand-name more appealing to even wider areas of trade. Red Gorilla™ products will be equally at home on farms as they are in kitchens.”

The products are exactly the same, but with a Red Gorilla™ label, presenting a unified brand across the whole product range. Red Gorilla™ communicates strength and durability in every aspect of the business. Uniting our brands creates a more cohesive product offering, encouraging cross-selling and impulse purchases, therefore increasing profit for retailers.