GLAS2017-MPU-update.jpgWhat’s New at GLAS 2017

The new-look New Product New Plant Awards Showcase will this year be displayed as part of the main visitor entrance. The overall accolades are awarded by a panel of expert judges. The judges this year are: Gerry Daly, Editor of the Irish Garden; Micheal Devitt, Newlands and Gerry Dooley, Orchard Garden Centre.


New Products:

Beechill Bulbs – E7
New Display Stands:
Island Display stand: This accommodates a variety of gift items
Low Budget Display

New Way Weedspray:
A non-selective herbicide for amenity & industrial weed and moss control. It is based on naturally occuring ingredients. It controls grasses, broadleaf weeds & mosses. New way weed spray is fast acting producing discolouration & browning of the foliage within a few hours of treatment. New Way Weedspray can be used to control weed growth in amenity situations such as footpaths and pavements, parks, around trees, shrubs & hedges and in industrial areas such as railways, industrial sites and fence lines etc. It is also approved for moss control on hard surfaces. New Way Weedspray is available in 5L container.

Dunne & Dineen
Annaconda: Super Strong, Superlight UV friendly finish, new wave lightweight, a resin polycarb skin.

Etesia UK Ltd.
45cm scarifier and verticutter, fitted with a Hnda engine. The reels are interchangeable without tools for fast and easy change.

Oeliatec hot water weed machine:
Kill plants and vegetation without the use of pesticides ideal for public areas.

Anti-Slip patio Matting:
Available in a range of 8 attractive colours, this indoor and outdoor covering is ideal as a walkway or to cover the entire area such as a concrete patio or timber decking area. The mat is UV stabilized, fire & rot resistant, can be cleaned with a power hose. However one of its most practical features is that as this anti-slip mat has a foam base, in icy conditions, the thin layer of ice will crack underfoot ensuring you always have an anti-slip covering.

Grow Box Garden
Design your very own garden that is low maintenance with its own water supply. A quick and easy way to grow whatever you want indoors, on the patio or in a polytunnel, Grow Box is ideal for first time gardeners and those more experienced horticulturists looking to try something new.

Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces
USA Golf Course Greenkeeping Internships
12-month Golf Course Greenkeeping Internships of PGA tournament standard golf courses.

Hunter HC wifi irrigation control panel:
Wi fi enabled irrigation control panel

JF McKenna
Fortify Cu:
An advanced formulation created to limit crop stress. Strengthens crop, Maximises nutrient flow & protects against yield loss.

Sion & Sentinel:
Fight against Biotic stresses to protect and strengthen crops. Increases tissue regeneration, supports stress recovery, reinforces leaf cuticle strength and biotic stress protector.

Leon Boots Co.
Safety 1st:
Revolutionary ULTRALight Safety Boots made of EVA polymer makes Leon Boots Co. Safety 1st Model probably the lightest protective wellington boots on the market!

Certification: PN-EN ISO:20345:2012, CE, SRB
Upper Material: EVA polymer

Mac Egan Engineering
Floral Tree display:
At Mac Egan Engineering we pride ourselves in the design and development of Point of Sale retail display merchandising. The Floral Tree is a retail display unit like none other which can be used as an effective means of exhibiting your products. If we could use one word to capture what this product can do in term of POS retail display, that word would be Precision.
This product is manufactured using high quality steel. It is also galvanised which ensures the durability and long lasting quality of this product. . The Floral Tree is designed, built, and manufactured to the highest industrial standards. It has been crafted and built to meet the needs of the market today.
A product that is both practical and versatile, also both tried and trusted. It can exhibit up to 14 hanging baskets. This product without a doubt is a necessity not a luxury in terms of POS for your business.

Mr Middleton Garden Shop
New Point of Sale Material:
An in store display for the top selling Wild Flower scatter packs

NAD Ltd.
SWD – Fruit Fly trap:

  • Bait trap suitable for mass capture and monitoring of fruit flies
  • Sustainable and refillable
  • For wide area application
  • Simply plug it together, fill it, hang it up
  • Affordable, 100% recyclable
  • The bait liquid is also available from NAD

BIO-Press concentrate for moss control in lawn:

  • 100 % organic based
  • Indirect action against moss in lawns
  • Moss turns brown within 24 hrs after treatment and dies off
  • Iron free – no black mess or staining
  • Safe to children and pets (when used correctly)
  • 2L concentrate treats up to 250 m2

Ornaway Bird Repellent Gel:

  • Ornaway Bird Gel is a non-toxic visual and olfactory gel
  • Can be used on all problem sites to deter birds
  • Available in 250g tube with 15 UV stabilised dishes
  • Dishes can be attached to gutter clips

T34 Biocontrol:

  • Is a bio-fungicide for the reduction of Fusarium
  • The active ingredient is a beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34
  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • No chemical residue
  • No harvest interval

New insect trap from Russell IPM – OptiRoll yellow:

  • For the monitoring and control of aphids and whitefly in glasshouses and polytunnels
  • Manufactured in a tear resistant elastic polymer roll
  • Available in rolls of 15cm by 100m

Oil Blitz:

  • For cleaning spilled oil and hydraulic fluid from grass surfaces
  • Naturally cleans spilled oils and fuels
  • Environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable
  • Non toxic, non irritant, non flammable

Ryalls Ltd
RX Electric Sprayer from Marolex:
This is a comfortable battery sprayer available in both knapsack and cart versions. The knapsack version has a comfortable frame with adjustable padded straps. No limits and optimal capacity allow for coverage of vast areas. Microprocessor control extends the life span of the pump and battery and the efficient diaphragm pump guarantees constant operating pressure. New to the Irish market for 2017.

Soil Renew
Soil Renew Special Green:
This was specially formulated for Golf Greens, it gives life back to the soil and quickly improves physical, chemical and biological properties of all types of soils. Soil Renew Special Green quickly produces stable humus and fixes over 60 different nutritive elements of the soil, while setting up natural microbial competition in the soil, reduces compaction and increases aeration of soil and reducing moss occurrence.

By using Soil Renew Special Green you will find the following changes to grass;

  • More agrostis and less annual bluegrass
  • Better root development
  • Sand/Soil uniformity
  • Better retention and drainage of water

Southern Machinery Ltd.
The AS 940 Remote Control Mower:
Remote control mower which can be operated as a conventional ride-on mower or switched to remote control when the terrain gets to steep and there is a risk or rolling the mower over.

Summerhill Lawns Ltd.
Wildflower Turf:
Wildflower turf creates beautiful natural areas in gardens, parks and open spaces, providing eye-catching wildflower displays from early Spring to early Autumn. Where rollout turf makes instant lawns, wildflower turf creates instant wildflower meadows, garden or green roofs.
The wildflowers and grasses are grown on moisture retentive fibre mat which acts as a mulch to suppress weeds. This system allows us to produce high quality, mixtures of species, in a mature form, ready to be rolled out on site.

VR Home & Garden
VR Garden:
VR Gardens is the perfect design companion for all homeowners. It’s filled with professionally designed and beautiful 3D garden models, giving users the ultimate design experience.
It allows you to experience your new garden on PC, tablet and smartphone, as well as through Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift and Android VR. Grab your headset and enjoy a truly excellent experience.

Wilson Machinery Ltd
TP 215 Mobile Woodchipper:
Features a TP Dual Torque I feed Maximum oil pressure and flow to each feed roller motor; unsurpassed in feed force, easy in feed of branched material; High Tech Diesel engine; multi-adjustable ejector spout. Low transport and parking height (<2m) and Patented automatic clutch system.

New Plants
Allied Irish Growers
Daffodil Irish Mist:
Will be available in 3Kg, 4Kg, 10Kg and 25kg this year for the first season. Also multiples new varieties of Tulips, Crocus, Anemones have been included to our selection. Come in to have a look!!

Amour Nurseries
Clematis Boulevard® Acropolis™ Evipo78:
Rich, large magenta flowers with yellow stamens, flower freely over a long season.
Prefers partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.
Lovely compact habit – ideal for pots and containers on the patio or veranda.

Clematis Boulevard® Esme™ Evipo048:
Attractive, pale sky blue single flowers, with overlapping sepals and yellow anthers.
Very free flowering, producing flower buds from the leaf axils and end of stems. Ideal for growing in containers on the patio
Flower size: approximately 12-15 cm

Clematis Boulevard® Nubia™ Evipo059:
Free-flowering and hardy, this exceptionally dark red, compact, repeat flowering clematis is excellent in large planters or on trellis against a wall. Blooms prolifically from both leaf axils and stems, resulting in flowers from the ground up. New and exclusive for 2017.

Beechill Bulbs
Plant, Seed & Grow:
Naturalising mixes of both seeds & bulbs

Homemade Herbs:
Tea & Kitchen herbs to grow at home

Kavanagh Christmas Trees
Lasio Carpa Fir:
Lasio Carpa is a conical coloured abies and makes a good Christmas Tree as a cut specimen and an excellent needle retainer.

Kernock Park Plants
Silene hybrid & Sparkling Rose:
By the end of May, the new Silene ‘Sparkling Rose’ starts producing intense pink flowers and continues until the autumn, flowering up to 40/45cm high. This is ideal both as a pot filler or as a border plant. It really is a summer show-stopper.

Calendula x hybrida PowerDaisy ‘Tango’:
A true breeding breakthrough – PowerDaisy ‘Tango’ is the first tough, disease resistant, cascading Calendula which will produce flowers from March until November that remain vivid orange even through the heat of the summer. It is easy to maintain and tolerant of frost to at least -5 degrees C.

Mr Middleton Garden Shop
Thompson & Morgan Organic Seed:
A range of the top selling varieties backed by the soil association stamp of approval.

Newey Young Plants & Newey PP&L
Newey Perennial Plugs & Liners:
Abelia Magic Daydream-
This magic plant actually exists! This new Abelia has a compact, bushy habit and flowers rich with big blooms. Its flowers change colour from white to pink; a different shade in each season! You will also notice the flowers give out a lovely fragrance. Magic Daydream also stands out for its glossy and colourful foliage. It sounds like a dream, doesn’tit? This compact Abelia will reach up to 60 cm high and 90 cm wide.

Sambucus nigra Golden Tower-
You can guess from its name what makes this Sambucus nigra so special. Sambucus nigra Golden Tower has an elegant, narrow upright growth. This elderberry also features showy, yellow-green foliage that glistens in the sun! The leaves have a gorgeous, deeply incised shape. Pretty, white flower clusters appear in summer. Golden Tower reaches a height of 3 m and a width of 70 cm. Its slender shape makes it a great shrub for small and large gardens. Very suitable as solitary, mixed with other plants in a container or in a shrub border in your garden.

Senicio Angel Wings-
Senicio Angel Wings is a stunning new variety. It has a truly striking appearance with soft, downy, flamboyant silvery white foliage, Angel Wings is an ideal plant it can be used as a pot plant or in beds and borders as a standalone plant or in combination planting. Excellent winter hardiness.

Passiflora Snow Queen-
Passiflora Snow queen is a hardy free-flowering variety with healthy dark green leathery foliage. Large perfumed flowers with pure white petals and filaments from June to October.

Pittosporum & Silverball-
Pittosporum tennufolium ‘Silverball’ is a cultivar of Pittosporum tenufolium of the Golf Ball series. It is a dense, round shrub 70-80cm tall and wide with small bright lime green leaves. It retains a tidy ball shape of silver foliage that seldom needs trimming.

Pittosporum & Goldball-
Pittosporum tenufolium ‘Goldball’ is a cultivar of pittosporum tenufolium and is one of the new Pittosporum dwarf Golf Ball series. It is a dense, round shrub 40-60cm tall and wide with small bright golden/green leaves. It retains a tidy ball shape of shimmering golden foliage that seldom needs trimming.

Newey Young Plants
Pelargonium Zonal Brocade Fire
Bred by Dummen Orange and exclusively available through Newey Young Plants, this is an accent Geranium. The foliage gives a striking contrast to the bright red orange flowers. Brocade Fire has been developed to provide blooms throughout summer and to produce numerous flowers which are robust, compact and well branched. This Geranium is ideal alone in a planter, or as part of a mix planting in a flower bed. A truly versatile and attractive plant.

Begonia Hybrid I’Conia First Kiss
This is a new development on a previous variety from Dummen Orange. This is a truly
stunning plant with bright ‘kisses’ of blooms. Deep rose in colour the flowers are semi- double and set against dark green serated foliage it provides impact in the garden. The robust nature of First Kiss makes it ideal for growers as it stands up well in transport. Ideal in both sunny and shaded areas.

Rentes Plants
Rosa persica “Persian Sun” & “Eye to Eye”
Sister varieties to “Eye of the Tiger” introduced in 2016. These two roses have completely opposite growth habits but share the persica breeding in their distinctive flowers.
“Eye to Eye” is a shrublike, spreading variety with healthy foliage and bright pink flowers with a dark centre.
“Persian Sun” is an upright growing variety with Apricot/Orange flowers with a dark centre.

Hydrangea m. “Tiffany”
New lacecap form Hydrangea with pink or blue/purple (in acid soils) flowers and sturdy reddish foliage.

Hydrangea m. “Curly Sparkle Red” &amp; “Curly Sparkle Purple”
New Hydrangea with Distinctly wavy foliage and frilly flowers. A compact growing variety, the flowers will colour red in alkaline and purple in acid soils.

Tully Nurseries
Lavenders Fairy wings collection:
We are really excited about the new Lavenders Fairy wings collection. They have been specifically bred to be compact, fragrant and free flowering. Lavandula ‘Fairy Wings Pink Blush’ is unique in colour and an ideal choice for small containers, courtyards &amp; pathways. Bred in Australia Lavandula ‘Ghostly Princess’ is unique for its long flowering season and stunning silver foliage all year long. What makes this plant special is its musk pink flowers in Summer and unusual silver foliage. You can see both these new plants under the ‘new look’ Bella Bloom branded label.

Young Nurseries
Phlox paniculata ‘Famous’ 2L:
A new series of dwarf Phlox ! This series offers a long flowering time and good mildew tolerance. 6 varieties available, all compact plants and easy to grow. Ht: 40cm.